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Crafting Ideas

Are you looking for fancy crafting and creative DIY projects?

From simple crafts for beginners to more challenging crafts, the site offers inspiration and instructions to create works of art together and develop creative skills.

The craft ideas presented range from handmade gifts to seasonal decorations that help create an atmospheric ambience for special occasions.

Crafting Ideas
"Crafting ideas"
Crafting ideas

Recent Ideas

Recent Ideas

Favourite Ideas

Favourite Ideas

Let us surprise you

Let us surprise you

Creative Crafting Ideas for Adults and Kids

Crafting and making things yourself is one of the most beautiful and creative leisure activities there is. The most fun is to craft together or to craft for someone to surprise them and give them something to feel joyful about. Here at Greatime you can explore crafting ideas for seasons and occasions as well as DIY ideas for gifts, gift wrapping and design options for gifts.

All the crafting ideas and DIY ideas are easy for anyone to make, with step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures to illustrate the making process. In addition, each crafting idea includes a materials list that lists everything needed for crafting.

Crafting Ideas for Seasons and Occasions

Every year there are festive occasions when we embellish our home with homemade decorations. Especially at Easter, Halloween, Advent and Christmas, homemade decorations also create the atmosphere that makes these times so special for us. Every passionate hobbyist and every mother with children is faced every year with the question of what beautiful things to make this year.

Especially at these times, we present on our website pretty crafting ideas with craft templates and instructions, which can be imitated quite easily, so most of our crafting ideas are also suitable to craft with children. Most of the crafting ideas that can be found on this pool of leisure ideas can be recreated in a reasonable amount of time.

A special concern of ours ist to use lasting materials and to upcycle old things that would otherwise be thrown away. It’s really fascinating what you can make out of toilet paper rolls, kitchen rolls, crown caps and old nail polish!

Do It Yourself! Creative Crafting Ideas for Gifts

Today, time is more precious than ever: homemade gifts are unique and the time and love you put into them are an expression of appreciation and simply priceless. Many people especially appreciate a homemade gift – especially people who are close to you. And it doesn’t have to be a time-intensive, multi-week project. At Greatime you will find many ideas for self-made gifts that can be crafted in a manageable amount of time.

For a wedding or a special birthday, people often give money or fulfill a heartfelt wish that has been agreed upon in advance. For creative minds, this offers great opportunities for surprises by creatively designing the gift. From a wine bottle with a self-designed label to a heart-shaped piñata for a wedding from which will pour an unforgettable shower of money