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Outdoor Activities

Good weather is the perfect reason to get outside and be active at any time of year. Here you will find numerous outdoor activities, whether you are looking for adventure, want to be active in sports, are looking for outdoor games, want to relax or just want to have fun.

From outdoor adventures such as camping and water sports, rallies, outdoor games and scavenger hunts to relaxing picnics in the countryside, there’s something for everyone! Which outdoor activity would you like to try?

Outdoor Activities

Recent Ideas

Recent Ideas

Favourite Ideas

Favourite Ideas

Let us surprise you

Let us surprise you

Outdoor Activities for Everyone

Ready to explore nature and experience new adventures? On Greatime you will find numerous activities that are not tied to a fixed location. Whether for children or adults, there are plenty of ideas for exciting outdoor activities. Let yourself be inspired and discover the variety of possibilities that await you outdoors!

Outdoor Activities You Can Do Everywhere

Whether with friends, as a couple or with the family, there are numerous outdoor activities that don’t require a fixed location. The ideas on Greatime range from sporting activities such as crunning and other trend sports to try out, outdoor games such as outdoor throwing games, scavenger hunts for adults and scavenger hunts for children, night hikes, forest rallies and more with or without children.

Those who prefer to relax can enjoy a picnic in the countryside or a barbecue by the lake. Outdoor yoga or Pilates are also a good way to bring body and mind into harmony. Whether young or old, there is an outdoor activity for everyone.

Seasonal Outdoor Activities

The fruits of nature beckon seasonally and nature enthusiasts can do a lot all year round: Pick mushrooms from spring to fall, harvest forest fruits such as blueberries, wild strawberries, blackberries and wild raspberries and gather herbs or go picking cultivated fruits on a farm. You can also find even more activities for specific seasons here for spring, summer, fall and winter.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for exciting outdoor activities for kids, you’ve come to the right place! There are countless ways to have fun outside and enjoy nature at the same time. Whether it’s a treasure hunt in the forest, a picnic in the park or flying a kite on the beach – the choice of outdoor activities on Greatime is huge.

Children can let off steam climbing on playgrounds, have water fights in summer or go sledging in winter. The fresh air and exercise are not only good for their health, but also stimulate their creativity and imagination. So grab your kids and head outside to experience unforgettable adventures together!

Outdoor Activities for Adults

You’re never too old to explore nature and experience new outdoor adventures. There are a variety of exciting activities for adults that are not only fun, but also keep you fit and healthy.

How about a long hike through the forest, where you can enjoy the fresh air and leave the stress of everyday life behind you? Or perhaps you enjoy playful challenges and would like to try out a new outdoor game or challenge with friends, as a couple or as a family?

For those who prefer a more relaxed pace, a leisurely bike ride through picturesque landscapes is also an option. Whether alone, with friends or family – the possibilities are endless.

So, let yourself be inspired and browse through the many ideas for outdoor activities on Greatime!