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Romantic Things to Do

Romance – that means heart palpitations, furtive smiles and amorous glances. But how do you create a romantic mood? How do you keep the love alive even after decades?

Taking time for each other, sharing special romantic experiences and exciting activities together is the key to many happy relationships. From excursions and surprise picnics to relaxing spa evenings and cooking sessions together, we offer you inspiring ideas to create special moments.

"Romantic Things to Do"
Romantic Things to Do

Recent Ideas

Recent Ideas

Favourite Ideas

Favourite Ideas

Let us surprise you

Let us surprise you

The Best Ideas for Romantic Things to Do

What is the secret of a good relationship? We have a pretty strong guess: it’s the moments spent together, the special hours when couples can forget everything around them and the romantic things to do even if you are a couple for 20 years. 

It’s mainly romantic things to do, that solidify a relationship in its early stages by creating shared memories as common points of reference. These moments often seem magical to newlyweds and thus remain in their memories.

In longer existing partnerships, romantic things to do become rarer. However, they should never disappear completely, because these are the moments when couples once again take time just for each other and in which one realizes again why one loves the other so much.

Can Berlin be romantic? On Greatime we went in search of the most beautiful spots for romantic hours in the capital as well as other regions of Germany.

Romantic Ideas Like Arrows From Cupid’s Quiver

But what are really romantic things to do? The answer is slightly different for each person or each couple. At Greatime, there is a wide range of ideas from the classic candlelight dinner with all the trimmings to wild camping under the stars.

Often it is the creative and personal details that make an experience romantic. Sometimes all it takes is a good idea and a little magic to turn a day or even a few hours into a personal declaration of love with just a few tricks.

Given With Love

Small and sometimes larger gifts among lovers can fuel love immensely. The famous phrase “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” certainly doesn’t apply to all women. The way to a woman’s heart (and some men’s) is of course not (always) paved with expensive bling. Much more, it is particularly personal surprises that are carefully selected for the partner and that fuel the feelings (regardless of gender).

Therefore, here at Greatime you can find romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts or even Christmas gifts for your sweetheart. And last but not least, you can also give away romantic things to do. Everyone who likes surprises and is also sometimes spontaneous, can feel like in heaven when being given such an extraordinary surprise gift.